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Maximum Payment Warning on Pay Groups

On the Pay Group an amount can be entered on the maximum payment for any employee in that Pay Group. When that payment amount is exceeded a warning will be displayed during payroll processing.

  1. Open the Pay Group:

    1. Open Canadian Payroll > Employer Payroll Tables > Pay Groups.

    2. Double-click on the Pay Group to open.

  2. Enter the Max. Payment amount (see Max. Payment amount).

  3. Save the changes to the Pay Group by pressing OK.

Max. Payment amount
8 30 2018 2 20 47 PM
1Enter the maximum payment (net pay) amount. When this amount is exceeded in a single payment, a warning will be triggered during payroll processing.
Example: Warning during Pay Run Processing

Now, when processing a pay run, if any employee that is a member of this Pay Group receives a payment greater than the Max. Payment amount during a pay period, a warning message will be displayed.

8 30 2018 2 35 16 PM
Figure 1. Example warning message for a payment above Max. Payment.
1An employee who would receive a net-payment greater than $1000 triggers a warning during payroll processing. A separate warning for each employee that exceeds that limit will be displayed.

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