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Rate Grid Setup Guide

Rate Grids let you control the rate of a Position without needing to enter the rate directly on the position. You can setup a Rate Grid so that it increases the rate automatically after a specific date. This is beneficial because you can update the Rate Grid once and have the new rates applied to any position using that Rate Grid automatically.

Insert Rate Grid

  1. Open Canadian Payroll > Employee Payroll Tables > Rate Grid.

  2. Press Insert, at the bottom. A form will open where you can setup a new Rate Grid.


Setup Rate Grid

  1. Enter the Grid Code, Description, and a Default Rate.

  2. Press Apply, at the bottom to save the Grid Code (this is required to insert Effective Dates).


Add Effective Dates (Optional)

Effective Dates allow the Current Rate of the Rate Grid to be updated automatically on a specified date.

For example, If you had a salaried position with an annual pay increase, you could enter each pay-increase and the date they will occur as Effective Dates in the Rate Grid and the rates will automatically update.

Table 1. Example levelled rate
Instructor Salary Category 1









  1. To create a new Effective Date press Insert at the bottom of the Effective Dates list. A new form will open where you can enter the date and rate for the Effective Date.

  2. Choose the Effective Date (the date when the new rate should become the Current Rate of the Grid Code).

  3. Enter the Rate (this will become the new Current Rate after the Effective Date).

  4. Press OK to add the Effective Date to the Rate Grid.

  5. Press OK to save the new Rate Grid.


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