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Time Card Entry: Enable G/L Segments

When entering time using Time Card Entry you may want to have the option to choose a particular G/L account segment for each entry. This can be achieved on the Avanti Self Service Portal by enabling a Company Web Setting.

7 24 2018 10 33 48 AM
Figure 1. Example of the G/L segment (named Project) available on the Time Card Entry.
  1. Open Web Services > Installation and Maintenance > Company Web Settings.

  2. Modify the TimeCardCalendarSettings.GLAccountSegmentOverrides setting.


    Find the setting quickly using the search function in Company Web Settings.

    Setting not listed

    If the setting for TimeCardCalendarSettings.GLAccountSegmentOverrides was not listed in Company Web Settings, you will have to add the setting now:

    1. Add a new Company Web Setting by pressing Insert.

    2. Enter the Key Id and Type fields of the new setting as below

      Key IdTimeCardCalendarSettings.GLAccountSegmentOverrides
    3. Save the setting by pressing Apply.

    Now that the setting has been added you can continue to the next step where the g/l account segments are entered.

  3. Enter the G/L segments that you want available for selection in the Value field.

    7 24 2018 12 54 42 PM

    The value is a comma separated list of the segment numbers you want to override. (The segments are numbered from 1 in increasing order.)

    7 30 2018 8 54 32 AM
    Figure 2. Example G/L Account Format. (Financial System > G/L Account Format)
    • Major Account would be segment number 1,

    • Project would be segment number 2, etc….

  4. Save the changes to the Company Web Setting by pressing OK.

At this point you will need to reload the Company Web Settings on Avanti Self Service Portal before the G/L account segments will be available for selection from the Time Card Entry screen.

We’ll go over the steps to reload the settings in the following section.

Reload Company Web Settings

Company Web Setting are reloaded from the Administration Settings screen of the Avanti Self Service Portal. You must be logged in using an Administrator account to access the Administration Settings.

  1. From the Administration menu select Administration Settings.

  2. Press Reload Settings now.

  3. A message will be displayed after the settings have reloaded.

    7 24 2018 11 08 27 AM
    Figure 3. Steps required to reload the Company Web Settings.

Using the G/L Segment

Now, when you add an entry from the Time Card Entry screen you will be able to select the G/L account segment.

  1. Add a new entry to the Time Card by pressing .

  2. At the end of the Time Card Entry fields select the G/L segment to use from the drop-down.

You may need to scroll to the right to see all available G/L segments.
7 24 2018 12 30 23 PM
Figure 4. Example of adding an entry to the Time Card for an employee and selecting the G/L segment (named Project here).

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