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Email Settings – Configuration

Maintain Email Settings must be configured in order to email from within the Avanti Desktop, including emailing your tax slips, pay statements, etc.

Inserting the Menu Item

By default your Avanti menu may not include the 'Maintain Email Settings' item. If it does not, you will need to add it before configuring your email settings. 

To do this, please open System Menu. By default, this can be found in System Administration >> System Menu. Click 'Show Update Menu' and find the Email Settings menu item located in Main Menu >> System Administration >> System Parameters.

Right-click  on Email Settings and select Add New in Avanti Menu. Then press OK in the bottom right corner.

Once the above is done, you should see the Email Settings on the company menu.

Note: Some users may already have this menu item added under the name 'Maintain Email Settings'. If this is the case, please remove the old 'Maintain Email Settings' found under Canadian Payroll and insert the new menu item in the default location.

Email Settings

There are three different ways to configure your Email Settings in Avanti. Please consult with your IT department if you are unsure which setting to select.

  1. Use SMTP Server

  2. Use Office 365

  3. Use Microsoft Outlook


General Mail Setup

The General Mail Setup applies regardless of what email configuration you choose.



Importance sets the importance of the email between High, Medium, and Low


Sensitivity sets the sensitivity of the email between Normal, Personal, Private, and Confidential

Allow Settings Override

Enable this option is you want to allow the above importance and sensitivity settings to be overridden when sending email.

Server Settings


Some users may require the assistance of their IT department to set up their email server settings. If you are unsure what to enter, please contact your internal IT department for further information and/or guidance. These settings are strictly client-dependent and Avanti will not know what your email server settings are.
Mail Server

Enter the name of your SMTP or Exchange Server


Enter the port the SMTP server is listening on

The default port number can be changed if required by your configuration. By default the port number will be 25 (or 587 if Use SSL is enabled).

SSL can be used if your mail server requires TLS.

Gmail is a common example of a mail service that uses TLS.
From Address

This is the address that will appear on the from address of the email. (This can be a generic email account used specifically for sending emails from Avanti: for example,

You must enable send as permissions on the web server to send from an email address different than the account associated with the login credentials below. (For example, if the credentials are for the email but you want to send from the email, the first account must have permission to send as the second on the mail server.)
Allow from Address Override

You can enable this option if you want to be able to override the from address prior to sending an email.

Set Credentials

Press this button to enter the credentials of the email account of the outbound email.

1 23 2019 8 51 43 AM

This is the username used in authentication. It must be in one of the following formats:, COMPANY\Username, username, someone@example.


Enter and confirm the password for the above user

SMTP Server

To use a SMTP Server to send email select the Use SMTP Server option under Email Settings then enter the Server Settings for the SMTP server.

Office 365

To use Office 365 to send email select the Use Office 365 option under Email Settings then enter Email Settings then enter the Server Settings to use for office 365.

The settings for Office 365 will be entered for you. However, you must still configure the From Address and User Credentials.

Microsoft Outlook

If you are using Microsoft Outlook to send emails, select the Use Microsoft Outlook option. Only the General Mail Setup will need to be specified. To send an email, your MS Outlook version must be 2003 or higher.

When sending emails through Microsoft Outlook, you will receive a prompt for permission to allow Avanti to send the email. To avoid this prompt, you can download and install a free program called ClickYes.

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