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Create a ‘Bank Direct Deposit Info Change’ Workflow

You can create a workflow to notify employees when their direct deposit banking information changes in Avanti. You can set this up to notify employees via email, an Avanti message or both. 

Workflows must already be enabled in your company for this workflow to run successfully.


If you do not already have the Workflows module or Workflows setup in Avanti, please contact for further assistance in this process.

1. Open Maintain Workflows in the Avanti Desktop Application, then select Insert.
By default, this can be found in Workflows.

2. In the From Template dropdown, please Choose the Bank Direct Deposit Info Change workflow.

3. Select the Send Notification Settings button.

4. On the Notification tab, set the method of delivery for the notification in Notification Type. You can send an Email, Avanti Message, or both. Ticking the High Priority box sends the emails as ‘high priority’ to your employees.

5. Click on the ‘Recipients’ tab and pick the recipients of this workflow. By default, ‘Notify Employee’ should be ticked. This will enable the workflow to notify all employees who change their direct deposit information. If you wish to include other individuals on this workflow, such as System Administrators, feel free to add them to the ‘User Groups’ or ‘Users’ section of the workflow.

Note: This workflow will run every time someone changes the direct deposit information, sending a notification each time. 

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