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I can't login to Avanti/Password reset didn't work

Have you just reset your password and can not login to Avanti anymore? You might want to double check which password you have just changed. 

There are two levels of data security in Avanti: connecting to a remote server and connecting to the application itself.

That is why, for most users, Avanti has two separate passwords: an RDP password for connecting to the server, and an Avanti Login password to access the desktop application and web portal.

1. Define the password you have just reset

Where did you go to reset the password?

If you reset your password from, you should use this new password to login to Avanti Hosted environment(.rdp file)

self-serve portal

If you reset your password on the Self Service portal, you should use this new password to login to Avanti desktop application itself or the web portal.

2. Check if you are logging in to the right place.
Where are you trying to login?

Avanti Your Company.rdpAvanti desktop application/Web Self-serve portal

You can reset Avanti desktop application password from the web portal using 'Forgot your Password' link. 

If you don't see 'Forgot your password' link on the Self Service Login page, you should contact your system administrator. They can either enable this feature or just reset your password from their Avanti desktop application.

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