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2020 Federal TD1 Settings

If you choose to go with the TD1 Federal Basic Personal Amount of $13,229, rather than $12,298, please run the below Script.

To run the Script, save the file to an accessible location, then, from within Avanti, go to:
System Administration>Database Functions>Run SQL Script

From the "Script File" drop down, browse to, and select, the .sql script file you just downloaded/saved, and click "Run".

The Script Result pane will indicate afterwards how many lines were affected. This number may exceed your current active employee count - inactive employees will also be updated, as well as Spousal & dependent amounts, where applicable.

This script will update all base personal amounts from $12,298 to $13,229.  Where base personal amounts were not equal to $12,298 (e.g, 0 for claim for a second job), the basic claim will not be affected. All changes will be properly change logged.

For further details, please check out our 2020 TD1 details article here: 

PLEASE NOTE that as everything is presently set in Avanti, all new hires after this UpdateFedT1Values.sql script is run will default to a base personal amount of $12,298 and this will need to be changed manually.


If you are using Avanti’s On-Boarding Tool, you have no need to worry, as all employees complete their TD1 as required when they are on boarded.


If you are not using Avanti’s On-Boarding tool and desire to have all new hires going forward set with the base personal amount of $13,229, we have a second SQL script that can be run. If you would like to have this script, please reach out to our Client Care team at and we would be happy to provide it to you. After this second script is run, all new hires will default to the base personal amount of $13,229. 

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