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Yukon 2020 Tax Year: Basic Personal Amount

Effective with July 1, 2020 Tax Update, Yukon is adopting a partial Basic Personal Amount for the 2020 tax year. By default, the Basic Personal Amount in Avanti will remain the partial claim amount of $12,298, to prevent under-taxing employees.

The new maximum ‘Basic personal amount’ will increase to $13,229 from $12,298. Since $12,298 has been used for employees for the first six months of this year, a pro-rated basic personal amount of $14,160 will be applied for the remaining six months commencing with the first payroll in July.

If you wish to default your employees to the maximum Basic Personal Amount, a script is available in the attachments.

The higher Basic Personal Amount only applies to employees that are eligible for the full Basic Personal Amount. Employees with an annual income of more than $150,473 are only eligible for a partial claim. Using the prorated Basic Personal Amount of $14,160 will result in under taxation.

This script will only update the Basic Personal Amount of employees that:

  • Have Yukon selected for Province Of Employment
  • Currently have the maximum Basic Personal Amount of $12,298

All other Yukon employees should submit a new provincial TD1.

IMPORTANT: Only run this script once all pays with a payment date before July have been processed.

Copy the Production Company

Before running any script in Avanti, we recommend copying your database to a test company.

  1. To copy into a company using Copy Database, the Production Company must be deselected on the test company in System Administration >> System Access Controls >> Companies
  2. In your production database, open System Administration >> Database Functions >> Copy Data
    The Destination Company should be your test company
  3. Once this is verified, select Copy Data

If you have any questions or concerns about copying your data into a test company, we're here to help! Please feel free to contact our Client Care Team at 1.800.660.0464 ext. 1

Run the SQL Script

You are now ready to run the script on your production company.

  1. Download the script ‘UpdateYtProvAmounts.sql’ found as an attachment to this article
  2. In your production company, go to System Administration >> Database Functions >> Run SQL Script
  3. Select the dropdown arrow beside Script File and select the script file ‘UpdateYtProvAmounts.sql’ from its saved location (the folder you downloaded it to).

  4. Once you have verified that you are running from the production company, select Run

    The updated employees will appear in the Script Results. There will be an entry in the change log for each affected employee.

Congratulations! All employees with a province of employment of Yukon that previously had a Basic Personal Amount of $12,298 will now have a Basic Personal Amount of $14,160

Please complete these steps in each company with employees in the Yukon that should be updated to the new maximum Basic Personal Amount. 

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