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Set Up Vendor Remittance for Quebec Receiver Remittances

Vendor Remittance can be set up to report your payroll source deductions for both Quebec Receiver Remittances, as well as your Receiver General Remittances.

If you already have your Quebec Receiver Remittances set up and just want to add the new year, go to Update the Vendor Remittance Reports for the New Year for more information.

This article will guide you through setting up a new Vendor Remittance for Quebec Receiver Remittances. Want to create a new Receiver General Remittance? Go to Set Up Vendor Remittance for Receiver General for more information.

How to Set Up A Quebec Receiver Remitter in Vendor Remittance

Step 1: Open Vendor Remittance Setup in the Avanti Desktop Application.
By default, this can be found in Canadian Payroll >> Installation & Maintenance.

Step 2: Select Insert.

Step 3: Select Quebec Receiver Remitter then select OK.

Step 4: Enter a unique Remitter Code and Description.

Step 5: Select Include Payroll in Progress if you would like payrolls that have not been updated to be added in the remittance. If this is deselected, the report will only include completed payrolls.

Step 6: Select the Employer ID.

Additional Information
Only one Employer ID can be selected for a remittance.

Step 7: Add any additional details about the remittance in Vendor Information.

Step 8: Select Apply.

How to Update Remittance Dates

Before you can start using this Vendor Remittance to report payroll source deductions, please confirm the remittance type and remittance dates.

Step 1: On the Dates tab, select Modify.

Step 2: Confirm Remitter Type is correct for employer ID. If incorrect, select the correct Remitter Type from the drop-down.

Additional Information
This will default to the Remitter Type selected in Maintain QC Employer IDs. By default, Maintain QC Employer IDs can be found in Canadian Payroll >> Installation & Maintenance.

Step 3: Ensure Due Dates are correct and select OK.

Additional Information
Due dates are based on Remitter Type selected in Step 2.