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What's New in Avanti 10 - On-Prem

Here’s all the latest changes included in Avanti 10.

If you’re a Cloud client, go to What's New in Avanti 10 - Cloud for all your latest changes.

System Updates Required BEFORE installing Avanti 10

Before installing Avanti 10, you’ll need to ensure your IT has upgraded the .NET Framework to version 4.8 on:

  • The Avanti Server.

  • The Login Service Server, if different than the Avanti Server.

  • The desktop of every Avanti User using the Avanti Desktop.

Go to Upgrade Your .NET Framework to 4.8 for more information.

Please note, this is different from last year’s upgrade when you updated the Avanti Web Server to .NET Framework 4.8.

Once your IT team is done upgrading to .NET Framework 4.8, go to Avanti Software Update Installation Guide for information on applying the Avanti 10 update.

New Report Sources Added to Report Designer

There are three new report sources to assist with designing reports.

If employees specify a work code when punching in on a time clock, you can now include them in your reports using:

  • Punch Data >> Work Code

  • Punch Data >> Work Code Description - Task ID

  • Punch Data >> Work Code Description - Position Code.

If you include the work code’s description in the report, be sure to include the correct work code description, which can either be a Position or a Task.

Prevent Employees from Applying on Job Postings

Want your employees to view Job Postings on ASSP, but not be able to apply? You can now remove the Apply button from Job Postings on ASSP using the menu’s responsibility.

To restrict access, update the Insert Responsibility on the Job Posting in Web Menu. Apply only displays for employees with the same or higher responsibility level.

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