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Final Considerations for Migration

It’s almost time to make the migration to the Cloud. Before initiating, here are few things to keep in mind:


  • Schedule your final migration between payroll processing dates. We recommend choosing a date immediately after you’ve processed payroll, to allow additional time for any troubleshooting.

  • Three days before your migration date, Avanti will send an enrollment email with RDP link to all remaining Regular (Class A) Users.


  • Be sure to notify your management and employees with the migration date. The migration may take a couple of hours to complete, during which time no one will be able to make changes in Avanti.

  • If you’ll be using clocks or SSO minor, setup by your staff will be required once the migration is complete

Prepare and Backup your Files

  • Create a report of all your employees in excel with:

    • Avanti Username.

    • SSO Username, if applicable.

  • To ensure no changes are made to Avanti during migration, immediately before backup:

    • Stop the Login Service.

    • Stop the IIS Service for ASSP and Career Connector, if applicable.

    • Disable the RDP access to Avanti, if applicable.

    • Disable the clock service, web punch in/out and shut down any clocks you won’t be using in your new Cloud environment, if you’re using clocks.

  • Have your IT Team backup your production database and data application folder. Place these on Avanti’s SFTP for the Avanti IT team.

  • During migration, Avanti’s IT team will:

    • Restore this database to your new C environment.

    • Update the SSO settings and your employees' usernames.

    • Update the Clock Connect settings, if applicable.  


If you’ll be using clocks, some additional steps are required after the migration is complete.

  • You’ll need to access the Clocks on ASSP and update the serial numbers for each clock that’s being replaced with a new uFace 800 clock, if applicable.

  • Your IT needs to update the clock to use the new Clock Connect URL, if applicable.

  • Re-enable Clock Connect, if applicable. 

Post Migration

  • Some configurations may need to be re-completed after the restore (ex: data export settings, menu item removals, that were made in the hosted environment during testing) 

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