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How to Enroll RDP Account

Once you've gotten the new RDP to access the Avanti Desktop, you'll need to create a new password. 

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These new credentials are only for the Remote Desktop (RDP). Once you're on the Avanti Login  screen, you'll either use Microsoft Sign-On or the Avanti Username/Password you currently use to log in.

Check out our video or the article below for more information. You can set your RDP password from

Step 1: Click on Forgot your password? Enter your Avanti Username to start the enrollment process.

Step 2: 
Select your email address from the dropdown to get your verification code, then select Continue.

Step 3:
You will now see the verification code page.

Step 4: 
Check your email for a verification code from Copy the code.

Step 5: 
Paste the verification code into the box, click Continue.

Step 6: Create a password following the on-screen instructions. Once you're done, click Reset Password.

Congratulations! Your password is reset, and you're ready to log in using the Avanti RDP. You'll see a Password Reset Successful message.

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You'll also get an email confirming that your password is reset. 

Step 7: 
Open the Avanti RDP that was sent via email. 

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If you haven't already, download the Avanti RDP and save it to your desktop.

Step 8: Enter your credentials:
Username: CHS\Username
Password: The new password you created earlier in Step 6.

Additional Information
You may see an email address listed under More choices. Please disregard and proceed with the login credentials as listed above.

Step 9: Once connected, you should see the Avanti Desktop Login screen. Here, you'll:

  • Enter the same username and password you previously used to access the Avanti Desktop.

  • Use Microsoft Single Sign-On, if enabled. 

Step 10: If your migration to SaaS is complete, please delete the link you previously used to log into the Avant Desktop.

Should you have any concerns or challenges with this process, please contact your Client Care Team at for assistance.

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