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Adding an Employee Directly on a uFace 800 Clock

Before employees can use a time clock to punch, they must be enrolled on the clock. There are two ways to add an employee to a clock:

  • Add the employee on the clock first and update their enrollment in Avanti.

  • Add the employee to Employee Clock Data in Avanti, then update the enrollment on the clock. Go to Adding An Employee to a Clock - Avanti First for more information.

This will guide you through adding an employee directly on the clock. You’ll learn how to add an:

Important Information
This is only applicable for clients with uFace 800 clocks using Clock Connect.

If you’ve already added the employee on the clock and just need to update their identification information, go to Update Employee Verification on uFace 800 Clocks. They’ll already be on the clock if you’ve added the employee in Employee Clock Data in Avanti.

Additional Information
You’ll need your employee with you at the clock to set up face or fingerprint verification. If they’re only using a swipe card, you can enroll them yourself.

How to Add Employee

This section guides you through adding an employee to the clock.

Additional Information
Before you add the employee to the clock, we recommend confirming the employee’s PIN. The employee’s PIN in Avanti corresponds to their User ID on the clock.

Step 1: On your uFace 800 Clock, select User Mgt.

Step 2: Select New User.

Step 3: Click User ID, then enter the employee’s ID and select Confirm (OK).

Additional Information
User ID populates the employee PIN in Avanti.

Additional Information
There’s no need to update additional information on the clock; once the user matches an employee in Avanti, we’ll automatically send the remaining employee information to the clock, such as the employee’s name.

Now you’re ready to add how the employee’s identified:

How to Add a Face on the Clock

If your employee isn’t with you at the clock, you won’t be able to add their face. Skip to the How to Add a Swipe Card section below if they are using an authentication card. Otherwise, you’ll need to wait until the employee is at the clock.

Step 1: Select Face.