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Stop the Avanti Login Service

Before backing up your database on cutover day, we recommend stopping your Avanti Login Service. Stopping the Login Service prevents users from logging into the Avanti Desktop and the Avanti Self-Service Portal, ensuring no one tries to make changes during the migration blackout period.

This needs to be completed by an IT team member with access to the Avanti Login Service.

Step 1: Open the Avanti.Admin.Exe.
By default, this can be found in the AvantiServices folder.

Step 2: Select Stop AvantiLoginService.

Step 3: Select OK to the confirmation message. This lets you know that the Avanti Login Service is stopped.

Congratulations! The Avanti Login Service is stopped, and no one can log into the Avanti Desktop or the Avanti Self-Service Portal.

If you have time clocks, you’ll need to Turn Off Clock Service. If not, you’re ready to Back Up Your Avanti Databases and Application Folder.

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