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Offer the New Avanti Experience Only

Want all your users to see only the New Avanti Experience on the Avanti Self-Service Portal? Keep all your users on the latest web experience by having them all on the New Avanti Experience.

Your employees will be moved to the New Avanti Experience in all your companies.

Additional Information
For more information on setting up the New Experience for the first time, go to How to Enable the New Avanti Experience. 
The New Avanti Experience is only available once the Terms of Service are accepted.

Step 1: Open Administration Settings on ASSP. 
By default, this can be found in Administration. 

Step 2: Enter NewExperience in the Search.

Step 3: Select Edit for NewExperience.ChangeOver.

Step 4: Select Value, then select Save.

Important Information
Once you save your changes, you cannot revert this setting.

Step 5: Select Reload Settings.

Congratulations! The next time users log into ASSP, they’ll see the New Avanti Experience.

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