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Workflow Notification Recipients

Recipients of a Send Notification action can be entered directly using the Avanti User for each recipients, or the recipients can be automatically determined based on the User Group, or Role Assignments of the users within Avanti.

Send Notification Settings
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1Specific Avanti Users can be selected as recipients and they will receive the notification regardless of the other selections.
2One or more User Groups can be selected and the Avanti Users who are members of the selected groups will receive the notification.
3A Role can be selected here, and any Avanti User with that role will receive the notification.
4For advanced use cases you can use an expression here to determine the recipients.
5The users selected as recipients will be indicated in this status window.

Filter recipients using Pay Groups

When choosing an Avanti User, or a User Group, as a recipient for the notification, you will have the option to select a specific Pay Group in addition.

  • This additional Pay Group is used to filter which notifications are sent to the Avanti User or User Group by checking if the notification was triggered from an employee within that specified Pay Group.

  • You can leave the Pay Group field empty to disable this behavior.

You could, for example, setup the built-in Address Change Workflow template to send a notification to the Administrator account, only when the workflow is triggered by an employee in the Executive Pay Group.

8 7 2018 2 10 18 PM
Figure 1. Example of adding an Avanti User to the Send Notification recipients with a Pay Group specified.

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