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Backup Your Company to a Test Company

A backup of your Avanti Company can provide a safety net when completing irreversible functions in Avanti. We recommended making a backup of your company before:

  • Updating to a new version of Avanti

  • Updating a Payroll

  • Initializing Entitlements

  • Initializing Employees at Year-End

Within Avanti, you can backup a company at any time by using Copy Data. This will copy the company you are currently logged into and create a replica in the test company of your choice. Don’t have a test company? Go to Create a New Company.

Need to use a backup to replace your live company? Please contact us; We are happy to help!

Additional Information
This will create a copy of the company at the moment you select Copy Data. Any changes that you make after you have copied data will not appear in your test company.

Step 1: Open Copy Data in the Avanti Desktop Application.
By default, this can be found in System Administration >> Database Functions.

Step 2: Select a test company in the Destination Company. This company will be overwritten with the information from the Source Company.

Need to use a backup to replace your live company? Please contact us. We are happy to help!

Additional Information
The Destination Company cannot be a Production Company. To change a company to test, deselect Production Company in Companies.

The Destination Company will display the Company Database name. Not sure if you selected the correct company? The Company Database name is displayed in Companies.

Step 3: Select Copy Data to start the backup process.

Important Information
Please ensure the company that you want to overwrite is selected in the Destination Company before selecting Copy Data. Once this process is complete, all the information currently in the Destination Company will be replaced with the information from the Source Company.

Step 4: A message will appear to confirm that you want to overwrite the selected database before proceeding with the backup process. This is the final opportunity to cancel the backup process:

  • Select No to cancel the backup.

  • Select Yes to proceed with the backup.

Step 5: If the destination company has a password, it will need to be entered here.

Congratulations! You have created a backup of your company. Need to use your backup? We are happy to help! Please contact us.

If you are completing the Year-End Checklist, congratulations! You've completed the Year-End Prep Checklist! Once you are ready, you can begin the Year-End Process Checklist.

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