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Review, Modify, and Add Employee Tax Slips

In Modify Employee Tax Slip Data, you can review and adjust your employee’s 2022 information before it populates their tax slips.

Tax Slip Data will initially be populated when you extract or import employee tax slip data. For more information, go to Extract Employee Tax Slip Data and Importing Your Employee Tax Slip Information.

Before updating your employee’s tax slips, please ensure that you’ve finished extracting the tax slip data. If you extract after making changes to the employee’s tax slip data, your changes will be lost, and you’ll need to make the updates again.

Additional Information
The changes made here do not log to the employee’s change log on the Employee Profile, only the tax slip change log. We recommend printing or saving the tax slip change log for future reference.

This article will guide you through:

  • Reviewing and updating your employee’s tax slip information

  • Inserting employees to create a tax slip

Do you need to create tax slips for employees that are not paid in Avanti? Go to Importing Your Employee Tax Slip Information for more information.

How to Review and Update Your Employee’s Tax Slip Information

Step 1: Open Modify Employee Tax Slip Data in the Avanti Desktop Application.
By default, this can be found in Canadian Payroll >> Tax Slip Processing.

Step 2: Select 2022 for Tax Year.

Step 3: Select the Tax Slip Group.

Step 4: Select the employee to review or update, then select Modify.

Important Information
Before making any changes, please ensure you've completed extracting your tax slip data. If you extract after updating your employee’s tax slip information, your changes will be overwritten.

Step 5: Navigate to the Basic tab. Here you will find the employee’s legal name, home address, SIN, and location that will populate the tax slips. You can also adjust the language to send a French or English tax slip.

  • Review and adjust any incorrect information.

Additional Information
If this is an employee in Avanti, this information is from the Employee Profile. Please make your adjustments to the Employee Profile as well as the tax slips information.


Step 7: Go to the section below for the type of tax slip you are creating:

Additional Information
The information you can enter varies depending on the type of tax slips being created. You can view and adjust information for both tax slips if you selected a T4 and RL1 or T4A and RL2 group.

How to Adjust a T4 or a T4 and RL1

The T4 and T4 Other Info tabs contain all the information that will populate your employee’s tax slip.

Any changes made in these boxes will only be available on the employee’s tax slip and the tax slip change log, it will not update the employee’s profile or the employee’s change log.

Step 1: Navigate to the T4 tab. Here you find all the standard boxes included on your T4.

Additional Information
There are two fields with values featured alongside select tax slip boxes:

  • The Amount beside each box may be updated as required.

  • Final Amount displays when the T4 box includes amounts and updates from other T4 boxes. This final amount will populate on the employee’s tax slip.

Step 2: Review each Amount and adjust any incorrect values.

Important Information
If you’re adding an amount to box 71 or a box included in box 14, you may need to update an additional box on the T4 Other Info tab.

Step 3: Review each Final Amount that’s different from the Amount. If inaccurate, update the incorrect box.

Additional Information
You can hover your cursor over the Final Amount to view the included boxes and amounts.