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Update Employee Verification on uFace 800 Clocks

Occasionally, you may need to update an employee’s biometric information on the clock. An employee should be adjusted on the clock when:

  • The clock no longer recognizes an employee because of an altered fingerprint or facial profile.

  • You’re adding a new employee who you’ve added in Avanti’s Employee Clock Data. If the employee isn’t already on the clock, go to Adding an Employee on the Clock for more information.

Additional Information 
If the clock isn’t recognizing several employees' faces, you may need to recalibrate the camera. Go to uFace 800 Clock Cannot Recognize Faces 
for more information.

Employees can verify their identity using:

  • Facial Recognition

  • Fingerprint Recognition

  • Swipe cards - using a 125kHz HID card

  • Passwords

Access the Employee

To update an employee, you’ll need a clock administrator with the employee at the clock.

Step 1: On your uFace 800 clock, select User Mgt.

Step 2: Select All Users.

Step 3: Select the employee you’re updating.

Now you’re ready to update how the employee’s identified:

How to Update the Facial Verification

If your employee isn’t with you at the clock, you can’t update the face verification.

Step 1: Select Face.

Step 2: Have the employee align their eyes in the box by moving closer or further from the clock.

Additional Information
When enrolling, the employee should be level with the camera, and their face should be clear from any obstruction such as a hat or scarf.

Step 3: Once the employee’s face is updated, a 1 displays beside Face.

Great! The employee can now identify themselves by scanning their face. Skip to the Add Fingerprint section if you need to update the employee’s fingerprint on the clock.

If you’re only updating your employee’s facial verification, select the back button in the top-left corner to save their information and return to the clock menu.

How to Update a Fingerprint

Is the fingerprint scan no longer identifying the employee? This section guides you through updating the employee’s fingerprint on the clock.

Step 1: Select Fingerprint.

Step 2: Select the finger the employee is scanning.

Step 3: The employee needs to successfully scan their finger three times to register the fingerprint.

Additional Information
The employee needs to remove their finger from the scanning area between each scan.

Step 4: Enrolled successfully displays on the clock if the scan was successful.

Step 5: Repeat Steps 1 to 4 for every fingerprint you’d like to add.

Additional Information
The number of fingerprints you’ve added displays beside Fingerprint.

Wonderful! You’re all done updating the employee’s fingerprints. Select the back button in the top-left corner to save their information.

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