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Update Employee Verification on uFace 800 Clocks

Occasionally, you may need to update an employee’s biometric information on the clock. An employee should be adjusted on the clock when:

  • The clock no longer recognizes an employee because of an altered fingerprint or facial profile.

  • You’re adding a new employee who you’ve added in Avanti’s Employee Clock Data. If the employee isn’t already on the clock, go to Adding an Employee on the Clock for more information.

Additional Information
If the clock isn’t recognizing several employees' faces, you may need to recalibrate the camera. Go to uFace 800 Clock Cannot Recognize Faces for more information.

Important Information
This is only applicable for clients with uFace 800 clocks using Clock Connect.

Access the Employee

To update an employee, you’ll need a clock administrator with the employee at the clock.

Step 1: On your uFace 800 clock, select User Mgt.

Step 2: Select All Users.

Step 3: Select the employee you’re updating.

Now you’re ready to update how the employee’s identified:

How to Update the Facial Verification

If your employee isn’t with you at the clock, you can’t update the face verification.

Step 1: Select Face.