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How Can Employee Access Tax Slips On ASSP

Employees can typically access their tax slips in one of three ways:

  • Access on the Avanti Self Service Portal (ASSP).

  • Via email to their personal email address.

  • Via mail to their home address.

You can easily incorporate tax slip access on your ASSP, saving you and your employees time and hassle. This article will guide you through setting up tax slip access on ASSP and enabling employee access.

Additional Information
T2200 and TP-64.3-V slips don’t display on Tax Slips on ASSP. Please use an alternative method to provide these to your employees.

Saving Tax Slips

You’ll need to save your tax slips before you can view the tax slips from the ASSP. For more information, go to Save Employee Tax Slips.

Determine When Tax Slips Will Display on ASSP

Saved the tax slips don’t necessarily display on ASSP right away. You can set a delay to give yourself the time you need to finish reviewing the tax slips and ensuring accuracy.

The delay is the time between when the tax slips are saved and when they are on ASSP for managers and employees to access.

For example, if you save slips at 2:45 pm and set the delay period to one day, they will be available on ASSP at 2:45 pm the following day.

For more information on setting the delay, go to Delay Tax Slip Display on ASSP.

How To Enable Employee Access

For an employee to access their tax slips on the ASSP, Electronic Tax Slips must be selected on the Personal tab of the Employee Profile.

If you need to select Electronic Tax Slips for multiple employees, you can use Re-apply Employment Defaults. Go to Update Employee Information for All Employees for more details.

Set Up Tax Slips On ASSP

There are two menus you can add to ASSP if they aren’t currently available:

  • Tax Slip Forms: This allows employees to view their tax slips directly from ASSP.

  • Statement Password: This allows employees to change their tax slip password. This password is also used for your employee’s pay statements.

Additional Information
The employee’s tax slips are password protected based on your settings.

Additionally, you can set up to:

  • Determine which tax slips are displayed

  • Display an additional message

  • Allow email, so employees can email themselves a copy of their tax slips

  • Password protect the tax slips

For more information about confirming the menus and setting up tax slips, go to Set Up Tax Slips on ASSP.

Employee Tax Slip Access on ASSP

Step 1: Once your employee logs into ASSP, they can select Tax Slips Forms.
By default, this can be found in Personal.

Step 2: They select View for their Tax Slips

Step 2: If you’ve added a message to your employees, it will display and your employee will select OK.

Step 3: If a password is required, your employee will be prompted to enter it.

Additional Information
If a password is required and your employee has not set one, they won’t be able to access their tax slips until they create one in Statement Password.

Step 4: The employee's tax slip will display.

How Can Employees Change Their Statement Password

If an employee forgets their password or hasn’t created one, they can set the password from their Settings.

Step 1: Once your employee logs into ASSP, they can select Administration and select Settings.

Step 2: They can update their password by adding it in New Statement Password, then re-entering in Confirm Statement Password.

Step 3: Once they select Change Password Statement, they can use their new password to access the tax slips.

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