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Year-End Prep Webinar (2023-11)

You can find the answers to all your questions during the Year-End Prep Webinar. Here’s the video if you’d like to watch it again.

Q: I would like the 1-page checklist that was available in 2022 to guide year-end.

A: Our Year-End Prep Checklist is updated for 2023 and ready for you!

Q: How will the new box 45 for employer dental benefits be populated?

A: We’re aware of the new requirement and are working through how this will be implemented within Avanti. We’ll keep you informed as we roll this out. Stay tuned!

Q: Can the accumulator information be printed in Excel to include each code’s details in one row? 

A: As of today, printing the Earning Code and Deduction/Benefit Code information appears on multiple lines and cannot be changed; you can save any Avanti report as an Excel file.

Q: How do you determine which accumulator the corresponding number refers to?

A: The accumulators are displayed for each code on the preview screen. When you save the report as an excel file or PDF, you will be able to see if the accumulators that have been checked for the codes.

  • Y indicates that the accumulator has been checked.

  • N indicates that the accumulator has not been checked for the code.

If you need to check which accumulator a specific number refers to, you can easily do so by checking out the Accumulators tab in Payroll Parameters. By default, you can find this in Canadian Payroll >> Installation & Maintenance.

Check out Reviewing Accumulators to learn more.

Q: When are you planning to apply the year-end update for clients?

A: Our goal is to update you as soon as possible so you can get to year-end quicker. With the changes to the dental benefit and new eCPP requirements, we’re working hard to complete the development work and ensure they’re thoroughly tested.

We’re aiming for December 13, but as always, we’ll let you know the date once we can confirm everything is ready for you.

Q: Will the report showing terminated employees be available with the last update?

A: These reports are available on our Help Centre, at the bottom of Reviewing Terminated Employees. You can also find a step-by-step breakdown of the entire process in our Year-End Prep Checklist.

Q: The Time and Attendance reports shown aren’t in my report list. Could you please help me?

A: You can find more information on the reports, along with the import files for the report in Ensure No Entries Remain in Time Cards and Time Data.

Q: If I have ideas or requests for functionality or enhancements, where can I submit my suggestions to the Product team?

A: You can submit your ideas on the Avanti Feedback Forum! Take a look at the Getting Started on the Avanti Feedback Forum for more information.

Q: When reviewing the approval report, should we delete the unapproved time cards that shouldn’t be processed?

A: We recommend cancelling the unapproved time cards you don’t want processed rather than deleting them. When you delete the timecards, they regenerate as unapproved time cards the next time you refresh time cards.

Q: When should we add in holidays for the upcoming year? What date should we use when the stat falls on a weekend, but we take the Friday or Monday instead?

A: You can add the upcoming year’s holidays anytime. When a holiday falls on a weekend, you should follow your company’s holiday policy and create the holiday the day it’s observed.

You can adjust the holidays for each holiday rule you created in Avanti. Go to Updating Holiday Dates for the New Year for more information.

Q: Who does the year-end backup? Would that be the company’s IT department?

A: You can do the backup on your own within Avanti. If you don’t already have a test company, go to Creating a New Test Company to learn more.

Q: Will assistance be available to set up the new eCPP2 codes?

A: Yes! You can register for the free webinar we’re hosting on November 22, 2023.

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