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Set Up Avanti Users for Microsoft Sign-On

If your organization uses Azure Active Directory, you can set up your users to authenticate using Microsoft Sign-On. This makes Avanti easier to log into since employees will have one less password to remember. Instead of needing a Username and password to log into Avanti, your employees can select Sign in with Microsoft.

Before you can set up Avanti Users to authenticate using Microsoft Sign-On, you must already have set up Microsoft Sign-On for your Avanti companies.

Step 1: Open Avanti Users in the Avanti Desktop Application.
By default, this can be found in System Administration >> System Access Controls.

Step 2: Select the User you want to switch to Azure Active Directory, then select Modify.

Additional Information
Don't want to switch the user's authentication yet? Skip to Step 5 to complete the set up without updating the users' authentication. When you are ready to change the user's authentication, you can complete the remaining steps.

Step 3: Select Azure Active Directory in User authenticated by.

Step 4: Select the correct Domain.

Additional Information
If your Azure Domain is not available for selection in the Domain or if the Single Sign-On tab is not available, please contact your Implementation Specialist or Client Care.