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Add the Payroll Calendars for the New Year

The 2023 payroll calendars must be inserted for all pay groups before the first pay of the new year can be processed. In Avanti, Payroll Calendars determine: 

  • Pay periods and pay ending dates for each pay group

  • Accounting periods

  • The basis for allocating costs and the maximum number of Automated Earnings Reporting System (AERS) weeks during which earnings or hours can occur.

Additional Information
If you process pay for employees on a weekly or biweekly pay cycle, the number of pays per year varies depending on the year. Are you already aware your number of pays will change in 2023? Go to Updating Pay Periods per Year for Weekly and Biweekly pays for more information.

While payroll calendars can be added one-by-one or copied and pasted, the easiest way to add the calendars is to roll them forward.

Important Information
Only pay groups you have access to can be rolled forward. If you don’t have access to all pay groups, please have someone with full access create the payroll calendars.

Have you discovered that the pay periods per year is incorrect midway through the year? This impacts your CPP exemptions. Not to worry, we’re here to help. Please contact Client Care for additional assistance.

How to Roll the Payroll Calendars Forward

Rolling your Pay Calendars forward will create payment dates for 2022 based on payroll calendars from the previous year.

Additional Information
If any of the payment dates on the previous calendar are blank, payment dates on the calendar created will be blank.

Step 1: In the Avanti Desktop Application, navigate to Payroll Calendar.
By default, this can be found in Canadian Payroll >> Employer Payroll Tables.

Step 2: Select 2022 for Calendar, if not already selected. 

Step 3: Select Edit >> Roll Calendar Forward.

Step 4: Select all the Pay Groups that should have pays in 2023.

Important Information
Only the pay groups you have access to will be available for selection. If you don’t have access to all pay groups, please ensure someone with access to the pay group creates the payroll calendar.