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Available Leave Overview

Give your employees insight into their time off with Available Leave.

At a glance, employees can easily see and understand how much time is available, along with how much time they’ve earned and taken. Carried Over displays how much time was retained during initialize leave.

Available Leave allows employees to view their own available leave balances. Managers and Regular Users wishing to view other employees’ information can do so from within Entitlements.

You can create a message with any relevant information you think they’ll need when reviewing their time off. This message displays in Available Leave and Entitlements, as these are designed to work together.

Available Leave Calendar

Employees can view their leave requests impacting Available Leave in the calendar. This includes time from availability, scheduling, time cards, and time data; cancelled entries don’t display.

Employees’ requests are colour-coordinated; the same colours and icons show in requests and the available leave balances.

When you select a leave on a day, you’ll all see the details including the date, time, type and approved status. The status is approved when the time is:

  • Approved in availability

  • If the entry is elsewhere, approved displays regardless of its approval status

Available Leave on Avanti Go

With Avanti Go, you can put Available Leave in your employee’s pockets! Employees can view and easily understand how much time off is available.


Available Leave on Avanti Go is similar to the Avanti Self-Service Portal, using the same leave description, colours and icons. The calendar isn’t available in Avanti Go, nor is the detailed information about time taken, earned and carried forward; these are only available on ASSP.

Ready to Get Started?

Want to start using Available Leave? Go to the Available Leave Setup Guide for more information.

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