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Importing a Workflow

Avanti has a repository of workflows that can be imported. If our Care team has provided you with an import file for a workflow or you have selected one from our Workflow Repository, you can follow the steps below to import the Workflow for testing in your environment.

Once you’ve saved the workflow import file to a folder or your OneDrive, please follow these steps.

How to Import the Workflow

Step 1: Open Maintain Workflows in the Avanti Desktop.
By default, this can be found in Workflows.

Step 2: Select File, then either Import from Computer or Import from OneDrive, depending on where you saved the import file.

Step 3: Navigate to the location you saved the file, select the file, then select Open.

Step 4: You can update the Workflow Id and Workflow Name if you’d like, then select Ok.

Additional Information
Once Ok is selected, the Workflow Id cannot be modified.

Now you’re ready to make the changes provided by Avanti:

How to Update the Workflow Notifications

For each notification, you can update:

  • How the team receives notifications.

  • Who on the team gets notifications.

Step 1: Select Send Notification Settings on the notification you want to adjust.

Step 2: Update the Notification Type from the following options:

  • Avanti Message: Notifications populate Messages in the Avanti Self-Service Portal. If the user has access to the Avanti Desktop application,  it populates on the Messages tab.

  • Email: The Notification is sent via email.

  • Avanti Message and Email: Notifications populate Messages and are sent via email

Step 3: Select the Recipients tab.

Step 4: Update who gets the notifications using Users, User Groups, and Roles, then select OK.

Additional Information
To learn more about who gets workflow notifications, go to Workflow Notification Recipients.

Step 5: Repeat steps 1 to 4 for each notification.

How to Remove a Workflow Notification

You can remove any notification you don’t wish to send.

Step 1: Select the notification you wish to remove.

Additional Information
Once selected, the notification will appear in blue.