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Change Statement Password Setup Guide

Change Statement Password allows your employees to update their passwords, protecting:

  • Compensation when employees view the PDF.

  • Tax Slips when employees view, print or email their slips.

  • Pay Statements when employees view, print or email their statements.

You can choose to password-protect your employees’ Tax Slips, Pay Statements, and Compensation PDFs. Check out the Tax Slips Setup Guide and Compensation Setup Guide for more information.

Additional Information
Statement Password is different from the password employees use to log into Avanti.

Change Statement Password is a section on Settings in the Avanti Self-Service Portal. You can’t have Change Statement Passwords without also having Settings on ASSP. From Settings, employees can also change their Avanti password, update their display preferences, and find information about Avanti Go.

How to Add Change Statement Password

Step 1: Open Web Menu in the Avanti Desktop Application.
By default, this can be found in Web Services >> Installation and Maintenance.

Step 2: Select Display Update Menu.

  • On the left, the Avanti Menu shows all the menu items currently in your system.

  • On the right, the Update Menu displays everything released for the Avanti Self-Service Portal.

Step 3: On the right side, locate and expand Settings. Identify whether the Settings and Change Statement Password Statement has blue or red text.

How to Add Both Menus

Step 1: On the left side, right-click on Settings, then select Add New in Avanti Menu.

Additional Information
You added the Settings and Change Statement Password to your menu.

Step 2: Select OK if only employees with access to Administration should change their Statement Password.