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Generate an Amended Transmission File

If you’ve submitted your T4 or T4A tax slip XML file to the CRA, you’ll need to create and transmit an amended file so the file contains the proper Dental Code Reporting.

Don’t worry; there are no changes needed to modify your employees’ tax info or recreate tax slip images you’ve created for employees.

Here’s how you can create the new files for your T4 and T4A; once created, you’ll need to transmit them to the CRA.

Step 1: In the Avanti Desktop Application, open the program for the tax slip file you amended.

  • Generate T4 XML Data

  • Generate T4A XML Data

By default, these can be found in Canadian Payroll >> Tax Slip Processing >> Generate Transmission Media.

Step 2: Select 2023 for Tax Year.

Step 3: Select Replacement Data in Data Type.

Step 4: Select Modified on or After, then enter the date you extracted your tax slip data.

Additional Information 
Unsure when you extracted your data? You can find this info in Extract Employee Tax Slip Data


Step 5: Update the Data file name so you don’t overwrite the original file.

Additional Information
We recommend updating the file to indicate it’s the amended tax slips.

Step 6: Select the Tax Slip Groups with amended tax slips.

Step 7: Select OK to create the file.

Additional Information
Are you looking for more information about generating the file? Go to Create Tax Slip Transmission Files for CRA or RQ
 for more details.

Step 8: If there are no errors, your transmitter file is created in Avanti. Determine whether you’d like to save a copy of the file to your network.

  • To save the file to your network, select Yes.

  • To save a file at a later time, select No. Congratulations! You’re all done creating your transmitter file.

Additional Information
If you’re not submitting the file to CRA or RQ immediately, we recommend selecting No and saving the file once you’re ready to submit. This will prevent accidental changes to the file.

Step 9: Navigate to a secure location, then select Save.

Step 10: Determine whether you’d like to update the transmitter date.

  • Select Yes to update the transmitter date with the current date and time.

  • Select No to leave the transmitter date blank.

Additional Information 
Setting the transmitter date will help prevent users from accidentally overwriting the transmitter file in Avanti. You’ll need to remove the transmitter date before Avanti will create a new transmitter file.

Congratulations! You’ve created your transmission files. You can transmit these to the CRA once you’ve confirmed your tax slips are correct.

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