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Initialize Entitlements and Vacation

Initialize Entitlements provides the ability to clear entitlements or carry them forward to the next year. You are able to complete this process at any time of the year, in accordance with your company policy.

Is it your company policy to pay out a portion of or all your entitlements at Year-End? We recommend doing this before initializing entitlements. Go to Pay Out Entitlements for more information.

Do you want to carry forward a certain amount of an entitlement, up to a predetermined cap? We can help you do that. Please contact Client Care,

Prior to Initializing Entitlements

  • Before initializing entitlements, always make a backup of your company. There is no undo-button for the process.

  • Entitlements can be initialized at any time and should be initialized according to your company policy.

  • Entitlements can be initialized all at once or according to employees' anniversary dates throughout the year.

  • Entitlements can be initialized more than once. Please proceed with care when initializing your employee totals and follow these instructions to ensure that it is done correctly.

  • If different employees have different requirements for initialization, the entitlement initialization needs to be done separately for those Pay Groups/Vacation Groups.

How to Select the Entitlements

Step 1: Open Initialize Entitlements in the Avanti Desktop Application.
By default, this can be found in Canadian Payroll >> Entitlement Administration or Canadian Payroll >> Year-End.

Step 2: Select the benefit codes for the entitlements to initialize in Leave Code Selection.

Step 3: Determine whether Carry Leave Forward should be selected

  • Select Carry Leave Forward to keep the remaining entitlements for future use. This will move the selected entitlements' Remaining Units/Amount to the Carry Forward Units/Amount.

  • Deselect Carry Leave Forward if employee entitlements should be set to zero.

How to Select Entitlements to Initialize by Date

Entitlements can be initialized for:

  • All employees

  • Only employees with anniversary dates within a selected date range.

The date range can coincide with pay periods, and be based on a variety of employee dates.

If you are initializing entitlements for all employees in a specific pay group and/or vacation group, ensure Initialize By is deselected and go to the How to Select the Employees section below.

Step 1: Select Initialize By, if only some employees should have their entitlements initialized based on the Anniversary Date.

Step 2: Select the date that will restrict which employees have their entitlements initialized. This can be selected from the following:

  • Initial Hire Date

  • Last Hire Date

  • Seniority Date

  • Vacation Date

  • Additional Employee Date

Step 3: Select the dates within which the employee’s anniversary must fall to have their entitlements initialized.

For Example: If you are initializing entitlements for all employees initially hired in January, select the date range January 1, 2021 to January 31, 2021.

How to Select the Employees

Pay Groups and Vacation Groups can be used to determine which employees will have their entitlements initialized. Only employees in the selected pay groups and vacation group will have their selected entitlements initialized.

Step 1: Select which pay groups will have entitlements initialized in Pay Group Selection.