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BC EHT - Changing Payroll Thresholds

Adjusting your BC EHT Remittance Report

If your remittance report for BC EHT changes throughout the year, or your payroll thresholds or tax rates are different from the default report (such as for non-profit or charity organizations), please adjust your current report. Do not delete the old report and import the new one. Your payments are tracked through the system and the report can be easily adjusted to accommodate for different payroll thresholds. 

In the Vendor Remittance setup, two columns need to be changed:

First, to change your exemption in the remittance report, adjust the Column 5 F1 value to the appropriate exemption value. If you have no exemption value, adjust F1 to '0' and uncheck the ‘visible’ column box. This will hide your exemption column.

Second, change the rate value in Column 15 F1 to the appropriate BC EHT rate (expressed as a decimal). For example, 2.925% should be written as 0.02925.

Note: Do not delete old payments or import the other report. Your payments will track appropriately when following the above steps. 

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