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Downloading the Avanti Cloud Client

Welcome to a zippier Avanti with the Avanti Cloud Client!

Get up and running in just minutes. You’ll get started by installing the Avanti Cloud Client App to create a new shortcut to access your Avanti Desktop.

From there, it’s business as usual – just faster! You’ll use the newly created shortcut to Avanti Cloud Client to access the Avanti Desktop. This grants access to your live Avanti company, using the same usernames and passwords you currently use to access Avanti. 

The following video outlines the steps required to get you started with the new Cloud Client.

Additional Information
This is only available for Avanti Cloud Clients.


The Avanti Cloud Client is only available for Windows Users, using Version 10 or newer. If you have a previous version of Windows, please update.

How to Get Started

Step 1: Go to and select Get the app to download the setup for the Avanti Cloud Client.

Step 2: Once the download finishes, run Setup.exe. It’ll be in your downloads folder.

Additional Information
You’ll need to run this as your windows user; please don’t have your IT run it as an administrator.

Step 3: Select Install once we’ve confirmed the system requirements are met.
You can continue to use your computer to work while the installation runs.

Step 4: Once the installation finishes, the Avanti Cloud Client opens automatically, and a shortcut is added to your Windows Desktop. Enter your serial number.

Additional information
Unsure what your Avanti serial number is?

Additional Information
You’ll only have to enter your serial number once; after that, we’ll remember it for you.

Step 5: You’re all done installing the Avanti Cloud Client; now it’s back to work. Enter your RDP username and password, then log into Avanti.

Step 6: You’ll want to use the Avanti Cloud Client to access Avanti from now on. Please consider moving your previous Avanti shortcut to a different location, so you don’t accidentally use the wrong one.

Step 7: If you become disconnected from the Cloud Client , use the reconnect button, which displays in the Cloud Client icon tray.

Should you have any concerns or challenges with this process, reach out to the Client Care Team for assistance. Please contact your Project Coordinator on the Migration Squad if you’re currently migrating to the Avanti Cloud.

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