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Self Service Registration

Employees can choose to register for the Self Service from the log-in page. Registration only takes a couple minutes and Employees will be able to access the Self Service immediately after successfully registering.

Registering from the Self Service login

To register the employee must
  • have their Employee Number,

  • be able to answer questions regarding their personal information (name, email, phone number, SIN, for example).

Registration is initiated from the Self Service login page by clicking on the Register Now link.

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Answer the Registration Questions

To protect employee personal information and provide security the employee will be required to enter identifying information before they are able to register for a Self Service account

  1. Complete the Registration Questions.

  2. Press Register.

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Registration Questions:
  • Registration Questions can be maintained from Web Services > Avanti Self-Service Portal Security Settings.

  • The Employee Number is a mandatory question.

  • Do not enter anything for questions that cannot be answered (for example if the Employee Profile does not have a Primary Email address leave this answer blank).

Registering the Self Service account

Once the identity of the employee has been verified they will be able to enter a User Name and Password that they will use to login to the Self Service.

  1. Complete the Registration Form:

    1. A User Name will be suggested, but a new one can be entered if desired.

    2. Enter and confirm a login Password.

  2. Press Complete Registration

Example Registration
8 15 2018 9 42 49 AM
1A default name will be suggested, but the employee is free to choose their own.
2The Domain should be automatically selected.
3The password must be entered twice here:
  • A password strength indication is displayed next to the password field.

  • The password is validated against the required Password Complexity Template (employees are required enter a valid password).

4The email address that is currently on the Employee Profile will be displayed.
5Once the registration form has been completed it can be submitted by pressing this button.

Successful registration

After the employee has successfully registered on the Self Service they will automatically be logged in.

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