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Self-Service Registration

If you've set up Employee Registration/Create Account, employees can choose to register and create their own Avanti User from the Avanti Self-Service Portal (ASSP). Registration only takes a few minutes, then employees can sign into ASSP.

Additional Information

Once you move the latest ASSP, Self Service Registration becomes Create Account. Regardless of which you’re using, creating the Avanti User is the same. 

Registering from ASSP

To register, the employee must:

  • have their Employee Number

  • be able to answer questions regarding their personal information (name, email, phone number, SIN, for example).

Employee can start by selecting Register Now or Create Account on ASSP.

Answer the Questions

To protect employees' personal information and provide security, employees must enter identifying information before creating a username and password.

Creating the Avanti User

Once the employee's identity is verified, they can enter a Username and Password that they will use to sign into ASSP.

Additional Information
A default username will be suggested, but the employee is free to choose their own.

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