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Keeping Time Clocks Sanitary

During these times of heightened vigilance against diseases like COVID-19, it's important to maintain good hygiene by disinfecting frequently touched surfaces.

HandPunch 1000, 3000, 4000
The platen surface where the hand is placed is coated with a plastic finish impregnated with BioCote silver anti-microbial technology and this surface is claimed to last the life of the device. In addition to this, however, a wipe-down with a prepared wipe, such as Lysol wipes should not cause any harm to the platen. We do not recommend spraying directly with any wet solution.

The US EPA Has provided a list of effective cleaning solutions against COVID-19.

iFace & uFace
The fingerprint reader on these clocks is a small glass rectangle covered with a very thin plastic layer. It may be wiped down with Lysol or similar wipes. We do not recommend spraying directly with any wet solution.

Alternatively, if you are using fingerprints for authentication, face templates may also be added to any or all users, to avoid the necessity of touching the reader. The iFace 800 model has a 1,200 face capacity, and the uFace 800 model can hold 1,500. Face capacity of either of these clocks should be adequate for most workforces.

Please download the attached PDF version to distribute among your employees and locations wherever time clocks are used.

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