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Tax Slips on Avanti Go Overview

With Tax Slips on Avanti Go, employees can check their tax info anytime, anywhere. Here, employees can see the slips created in Avanti:

  • T4s

  • T4As

  • RL-1s

  • RL-2s

  • T4A-RCAs

  • NR4s

Employees can access their tax slips from You on Avanti Go.


Which Tax Slips Display?

You decide which slips display by setting the initial tax year. All past slips for the selected year or newer display in Avanti Go.

You can also create a delay between saving tax slips and when employees can access them on Avanti Go. Adding a delay gives you time to review the tax slips and ensure accuracy before they become available to your employees.

For tax slips to display, you must have created a tax slip image in the Avanti Desktop. You can confirm you created the images on Tax Slip Images in the Avanti Desktop. If you haven’t saved your employee’s tax slips, go to Save Employee Tax Slips.

Tax Slip Security

The PDF with all the tax information can be password-protected for additional security.

Employees must enter their password to view their tax slips. The password is the Default Email Statement Password for employees who haven’t created a password.

Employees with a statement password must enter it to view their tax slips. Tax slips open immediately for anyone without a password.

Employees never have to enter a password to view their tax slips.

Check out the Tax Slip Setup on ASSP & Avanti Go for more information on setting up password requirements and allowing employees to change statement passwords on ASSP.

How to Enable Employee Access

For an employee to access their tax slips on the ASSP and Avanti Go, Electronic Tax Slips must be selected on the Personal tab of the Employee Profile.

If you need to select Electronic Tax Slips for multiple employees, you can use Re-apply Employment Defaults. Go to Update Employee Information for All Employees for more information.

Ready to Get Started?

If you already use Tax Slips Forms on ASSP, check out How to Add Tax Statements on the Avanti Go Menu to set up Tax Slips on Avanti Go.

Go to Tax Slip Setup on ASSP & Avanti Go if you’re not displaying tax slips electronically and want to start.

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