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Change Employee Vacation Options

When you need to make changes to the entitlements, vacation pay, and accrual of vacation time for a single employee, those changes can be made from the Employment Data Tab within the Employment Profile.

  1. Open Canadian Payroll > Employee Profile > Employee Profile.

  2. From the Employee drop-down select the employee to update.

  3. From the Employee Profile menu on the left, open the Employment Data tab.

  4. Change the Vacation Group, Vacation Option, Vacation Earn Code, and Vacation Percentage as needed now.

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  5. Save the changes to the Employee Profile by pressing Apply.

Vacation Group

Determines vacation percentage for this employee.
(Vacation Groups are defined within Canadian Payroll > Employer Payroll Tables > Vacation Groups.)

Vacation Option

Controls if the vacation days are paid-out or accrued.

Vacation Earn Code

Vacation earnings will use this Earning Cocde. (This is required when the vacation option is set to pay out vacation.)

Vacation Percentage

Shows the current vacation percentage from the Vacation Group assigned to this employee.

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