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Additional Information Overview

With Additional Information, you get visibility and access to update employee information specific to your organization. This can be any information you’d like to gather about your employees, such as:

  • License Plate Number

  • RRSP Date

  • Gender, so employees can self-report

  • Health Care Number

You’re in control of the information you capture and display, with up to 15 amounts, 12 dates and 20 additional fields. Those 20 additional fields can entered by the user or selected from a dropdown. The Avanti Administrator can chose which information populates the dropdown by either creating their own selections or choosing from a common field in Avanti, such as Locations.

This information can be used throughout Avanti:

  • for reporting purposes

  • in formula-based earnings and deduction/benefits codes

  • to filter or sort employees in select programs

Ready to Get Started?

Already displaying Values, Figures or Dates in Personal Information on the Avanti Self-Service Portal? Take a look at the Additional Information Transition Guide to get set up.

Not using Values, Figures or Dates on the Avanti Self-Service Portal yet? The Additional Information Setup Guide can help you get started.

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