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Reviewing Terminated Employees

When you Initialize Employee Totals during Year-End, there is an option to delete employees who were terminated more than seven years ago. During this step, you can choose to:

  • Retain all employees

  • Delete all employees

  • Delete employees, but retain some based on Employment Status.

If you are deleting employees, we recommend reviewing all terminated employees and updating the employment status of any employees that should remain in Avanti.

To assist in this process, we’ve created a report, Terminated Employees for YE Deletion. You can run this report each year during year-end. If you ran this report last year, skip to the Print the Report section below. If you haven’t run the report before, you can find an attachment at the bottom of this article. Please see the Import the Report section for more information.

Additional Information
Employee pay records must be
 retained for seven years after the employee was last paid for CRA compliance. Provincial compliance for employee pay records varies by jurisdiction.

If you’d rather retain all employees during Initialize Employees, there is a setting that will prevent employees from being deleted. Go to Retain All Terminated Employees for more information.

How to Import the Report

The attached report will display all employees that were terminated before December 31, seven years previous. Included in the report is the following information:

  • Employee number

  • Employee Name

  • Employment Status & Description

  • Termination Date

Additional Information
If you’ve imported this report for a previous year-end, there’s no need to import it again. You can rerun this report every year. Skip to the Print the Report
 section below.

Step 1: Download and save the file to an accessible location. The link to the import file can be found at the bottom of this article as an attachment.

Step 2: Open Report Definitions.
By default, this can be found in Report Designer.

Step 3: Select File >> Import. Then select either Import from Computer, or Import from OneDrive.

Step 4: Browse to the location you saved the file, select the file and Open.

Step 5: Enter a Definition Name (ID), select OK.

Step 6: Update the report with any additional information you will find useful. Not sure how to update a report? See Creating New Reports - The Basics for more information.

Now that the report is imported, you can run it. The report should be run by someone with access to all pay groups.

How to Print the Report

When Printing the report, ensure that All, Print Active and Print Inactive are selected in Employee Options.

Additional Information
Only employees terminated over 7 years ago will be included in the report. If all your employees were terminated less than 7 years ago, No data found to print 
will display.

Once you have used the report to determine which employees should be retained, you can update their employment status.

Don’t need to update the employment status on any employees? Well done, you have completed reviewing terminated employees! The next step in the year-end process is Ensure No Entries Remain in Time Cards and Time Data.

How to Update an Employment Status

Once you have identified which terminated employees should be retained at Year-End, you may need to update the employment status to ensure the employee is retained. Often, employees on sabbatical or extended leave are retained.

The steps below will guide you through updating an employee’s Employment Status.

Need a new Employment Status and not sure how to create one? See Employment and Job Status Code Wizards for more information.

Step 1: On the Employee Profile, select an employee that should be retained during Year-End.

Step 2: Select Employment Data.

Step 3: Select the correct Employee Status, then select OK to save your changes.

Step 4: Repeat Steps 1-3 for each employee that needs to be retained.

Congratulations! You have successfully reviewed terminated employees! The next step in the year-end process is Ensure No Entries Remain in Time Cards and Time Data.

How to Retain All Terminated Employees

To retain all terminated employees during Year-End, you can remove the option to delete terminated employees from Initialize Employees Totals by completing the following:

Step 1: Open the Miscellaneous tab in Payroll Parameters >> Options tab.
By default, this can be found in Canadian Payroll >> Installation & Maintenance.

Step 2: Select Retain all employee Data at Year-End and Select OK.

This change will take effect once all your instances of the Avanti Desktop Application are closed and reopened.

Ready to move on? The next step in the year-end process is Ensure No Entries Remain in Time Cards and Time Data.

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