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Adding Multiple Employees to Clocks

Before employees can use a time clock to Punch In and Out, they must be enrolled on the clock.

To add multiple employees without clock enrollments, Mass Enrollment is the most efficient way to enroll employees on the clocks.

Step 1: Open Employee Clock Data on the Avanti Desktop Application.
By default, this can be found in Time Clocks >> Installation & Maintenance.

Step 2: Select Mass Enrollment in Edit.

Step 3: Select employees to enroll by selecting the checkbox beside their name.

Step 4: Select how the employees' PIN will be assigned in Clock PIN.

  • Select Employee Number for the Clock PIN to match the employee number.

  • Select Next Available PIN for the Clock PIN to be assigned based on the Starting Number entered. Any number already assigned to a clock user will be skipped.

Additional Information
If Employee Number is selected and the PIN matching the employee number is already assigned to a different clock user, the next available number based on Starting Number will be assigned to the employee.

Step 5: Select the Authority Level on the clocks.

  • Select Security if the employee should be clock administrator with access to enroll employees and change settings.

  • Select None if the employee should only be able to punch.

Step 6: Determine the display name.

  • Select Preferred name to display employee's preferred name on the clocks

  • Select Full name to have the employee's Last Name, a comma, then the First Name and Initial display on the clocks.

Additional Information
If Preferred name is selected and the employee does not have a preferred name, the display name will be the Full Name.

Step 7: Select all clocks the employees need to punch on in Clocks.

Step 8: Select Enroll.

Once you select enroll, your new employees are sent to the clock. Depending on the number of employee selected, this may take a while.

Now you’ll need to update them on the clock to add their verification. Before creating the clock enrollment, please have:

  • An administrator with access to add the user to the clock

  • The employee's PIN.

  • The employee, if using biometric identification (fingerprints/face).

  • The employee's proximity card, if using proximity cards.

Go to Update Employee Verification on uFace 800 Clocks for more information about updating your employees.

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