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Messages Overview

Manage your employee communications with Messages on the Avanti Self-Service Portal. Empower your managers and regular users with easier employee communication; they can send messages to employees based on their location, pay group and more.

With the ability to search, delete, and filter viewed messages, Messages can help keep your workforce connected.

Are you already using the older version of Messages? Check out what’s changed in the Messages Transition Guide.

Message Inbox

In your inbox, you can see all your messages, both the ones you’ve read and those you still need to. Here, you can view, print, and reply to them once you view the message.

Select Show New Message to focus on messages you haven’t viewed yet. Are old messages cluttering up your inbox? You can delete messages with the click of a button.

Sent Messages

When you need a little more context, Sent Messages provides the ability to view the messages you previously sent. You can decide whether the Sent Messages tab displays and limit how far back these messages are available; go to the Messages Setup Guide for more information.

Select the message to view what you previously sent; from there you can view and print.

Who Can Managers Message

Managers can craft new messages by selecting compose; only managers with insert permission to the Messages on the Web Menu can create a message.

Send to Users and Employees
To ensure that communication is targeted and relevant to the intended recipients, you can use up to three recipient groups to determine who gets messaged. Managers can easily send messages to employees and colleagues based on important aspects such as work groups, pay groups, and locations.

Alternatively, managers can also select the employee to message. Managers and Regular Users can only message employees they have access to based on pay group and role permissions.

Send to Payroll Administrator Only
Send to Payroll Administrator will get managers directly in touch with your payroll team. Check out the Messages Setup Guide for more information on setting up the Payroll Administrators. No role permissions are needed to message the payroll administrators.

Who Can Employees Message

You can tailor employee messages to your needs. You can set up messages so employees only contact and reply to payroll administrators.

Otherwise, employees can send messages to payroll administrators and reply to messages from anyone in a position they report to. Go to the Messages Setup Guide for more information.

Sending Messages

You can create new messages from Compose or reply to messages from others. Once sent, you’ll see a confirmation it was successful. If you decide to discard a message without sending it, the contents of the message aren’t saved.

You can also allow Messages to send an email. When you select Email Copy, recipients are sent a message in Avanti and an email. Emails are sent to the Work Email on the Personal tab of the Employee Profile. If there’s no work email, it is sent to their Primary Email.

Go to Messages Setup Guide for more information on allowing Email Copy.