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Upcoming Changes

Here, you can learn about all the upcoming changes you’ll see during this switch to the improved Avanti Self-Service Portal (ASSP).

Check out Security Improvements if you’re only interested in learning more about security changes.

To ensure a smooth transition, your organization should prepare for the upcoming change to your ASSP address. Go to Your New Web Addresses and ASSP Sign in to learn more about what you’ll need to do.

ASSP Sign-In Redesign and Address Change

ASSP is redesigned so your employees can sign in more easily from any device, anytime. When you move to the updated design, your logo automatically appears on the screen.


You’ll soon use a new web address to access ASSP, which we’ll email to you. You’ll want to let your workforce know these changes are coming and remind them once you’ve transitioned; they’ll want to update their browser bookmarks to ensure access remains.

Don’t worry! There’ll be temporary redirects so you can update your links immediately; your current web address will access your updated ASSP for a year after your transition. There’s no need to adjust the web address in your Avanti Workflows; we’ll do those on your behalf during the transition.

If you’ve included the web address elsewhere, you may need to update it on:

  • Your company’s website

  • Training material and internal documentation

  • API integrations

Go to Your New Web Addresses and Sign in to learn more.

In addition to the URL changes, URL overrides are no longer supported on features within ASSP; the default URL will be used instead. Unsure if you’re using URL overrides on a feature? Check out the FAQ.

Once you sign into the Avanti Self-Service Portal, you can now see which company you’ve signed into by checking the top left corner.

New Career Connector Web Address

Are you using Career Connector to post job openings and gather applicants? If so, your Career Connector web address will change too. Once you have your new Avanti ASSP URL, you can add /careers to it to get your new address.

For example, if your new ASSP URL will be, your new Career Connector URL will be

Once you have the new address, you should start updating it elsewhere. You may need to adjust:

  • Your company website

  • Other websites that link to Career Connector

  • Any training material and internal documentation

  • API integrations built into your recruiting process

For all the details, check out Your New Web Addresses and Sign in to learn more.

Besides the updated address, you’ll continue to enjoy the same Career Connector you do today after the transition.

Signing into Avanti Go

Whether your employees are on the go or at their desks, they can sign in with ease. Signing in on Avanti Go is aligning with ASSP so employees can:


If you already have these set up on ASSP and are using Avanti Go, you’ll see these once you transition. Not using Avanti Go yet? Check out the Avanti Go Setup Guide.

Setup Changes Flow into ASSP Immediately

Once you transition, any Avanti setup changes you make on the Avanti Desktop appear on ASSP within 5 minutes. Whether you’re changing settings, adding positions, or adjusting permissions, everyone starts seeing those changes on the web right away.

Since you’ll no longer need Reload Settings to apply changes on ASSP, we’ve removed this button from Administration Settings.

Changes to Avanti User Accounts

We’ve made some security changes to your User Accounts on ASSP. Employees won’t see any interruptions during the switch; they’ll continue to sign in using the same usernames, passwords, and multi-factor authentication they currently enjoy.

There are a few changes you may notice:

Password Requirements

To help keep your essential employee information protected, we’ve increased the minimum requirements when creating or updating a password on ASSP. Don’t worry; there won’t be changes to existing usernames and passwords.

Passwords will need to:

  • Be at least 12 characters long.

  • Include at least 1 lowercase letter, uppercase letter, special character, and number.

  • Avoid too many repeating or sequential characters.

  • Avoid some common phrases that pose security concerns.

Your employees and new users will be guided through most of these requirements when they create an account or reset their password using Forgot Password on ASSP.


With this strict password complexity, we’ll no longer support the password requirements set in the Avanti Self-Service Portal Security Settings.

Account Lockouts

To help protect against cyber attacks, a 30-minute lockout now applies to users who enter incorrect sign-in information too many times. Administrators can now also unlock a user’s account before the lockout period ends. 

If a user’s account is locked out, we’ll send an email to let them know. They’ll also get a note in their Avanti Messages and the Notification Center.

Previously, you could set whether accounts were locked out, when the lockout would occur, and how long the lockout period lasted.

Multi-Factor Authentication Changes

We’re putting your data’s security first with a few changes to multi-factor authentication if you’re using it to help verify your employees’ identity on ASSP. Authenticator apps have proven to be a more effective security solution than security questions. With that in mind, we’ve streamlined employees with an authenticator app set up; they’ll always use the app for multi-factor authentication.

Unsure whether you’re using multi-factor authentication? Check out the FAQ.

Password Reset Changes

When employees reset their passwords, there’s a revamped email containing the password reset code in the text. Its contents can no longer be adjusted, nor can the reset code be included in an attached PDF.

Information Removed

Once you make the move, there are a few things you can no longer view on ASSP and Career Connector.

  • The Event Log, Diagnostics, System Info and Reload Settings are being removed from ASSP. Should any issues arise in the future, the Care Team is here to help; you won’t need to worry about bothersome troubleshooting tools.

  • Malware settings you could previously view in Company Web Settings on ASSP and Career Connector settings will be removed. Don’t worry; all uploaded files will continue to be scanned to identify malicious threats.

  • Settings for account lockouts in System Settings are removed from ASSP. Account lockouts will be standardized, and administrators can unlock accounts. Go to Account Lockouts to learn more.

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