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Allow Pickup Requests Only in Schedule Pooling

In Schedule Pooling, you can restrict employees from offering schedule exchanges. This ensures employees only request to work extra time in addition to their current schedule.

Once the setting is adjusted, employees won’t be able to select exchanges when posting their schedule; the post option will be pickup only on the Avanti Self-Service Portal and Avanti Go.

Want to learn more about Schedule Pooling? Go to the Schedule Pooling Overview more information.

Step 1: Open Schedule Pooling Rules in the Avanti Desktop.
By default this can be found in Time & Attendance >> Installation & Maintenance.

Step 2: Select Modify.

Step 3: Deselect Allow Exchanges and click OK to continue.

Additional Information
Allow Exchanges is selected by default.

All done! Now employees can only place pickup requests in the Schedule Pooling. You’ll need to restart the Avanti Desktop Application for this change to take effect.

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