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Save Reports to OneDrive

You can now save Avanti reports directly to your OneDrive while you’re using the Avanti Desktop.

Once you save a report on OneDrive, you won’t have to navigate to your OneDrive again; its location defaults when you save anywhere in the Avanti Desktop.

You’ll only be able to save files to your Work or School account; you cannot save to your personal account.

Step 1: Select to print a report on the Avanti Desktop.

Step 2: On the Printer Setup tab, select OneDrive.

Step 3: If you need to add or update the OneDrive folder, select the arrow.

Step 4: Select your Account or select Use Another Account to add your Microsoft Credentials.

Additional Information
Be sure to sign in to your work account. If it’s your first time saving to OneDrive in Avanti, you’ll also have to grant permissions to the files.

Step 5: Select the OneDrive folder, then click OK.

Additional Information
Once you save the report, you won’t have to navigate to your OneDrive again.

Step 6: Next, update the file name for the report.

Step 7: Once you finish making your report selections, select Save.

Additional Information
If you’re not logged into your Microsoft account, you’ll need to login to save the report.

Once the file saves to OneDrive, the following message displays:

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