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Messages Widget on the Self-Service Portal

When you use messages to notify employees on the Avanti Self-Service Portal (ASSP) you may find it useful to have the messages appear immediately after the employee logs in to the ASSP. This can be accomplished by creating a widget for the messages.

Messages Widget Source

Each widget uses a Widget Source to control where the data displayed in the widget comes from, and the general look and feel of the widget. If a widget source for messages has not been created, you will need to add one now.

The steps to setup the messages Widget Source are as follow:

  1. Open Web Services > Installation and Maintenance > Widget Sources.

  2. Add a new Widget Source by pressing Insert.

  3. Open the Details tab.

Details settings

The following settings will create a new Widget Source for messages that are available for any User Class (Employee, Manager, or Regular users).

  1. Enter the Source Code.

  2. Select the Messages Source.

  3. Enter a Name and Default Heading.

  4. Select the Minimum User Class.

  5. Save the Widget Source by pressing OK.

Additional Setup

Within the Details settings you can also select an Icon, and change how the Widget will look by selecting a Style.

Source CodeThe Source Code is the identifier for this Widget Source.
SourceThe source of data to display on this widget.
Default HeadingThe Default Heading will be displayed next to the selected Icon at the top of the widget, until the employee update it.
IconThe selected icon will be displayed beside the widget heading.
Minimum User ClassSelect Employee Self Service if employees should have the Widget available from the Employee Self Service.
Example Widget Source Setup
8 14 2018 10 52 41 AM
1The Source code is set to Messages and the Messages Source is selected.
2The Name and Default Heading are both set the Messages.
3An envelope icon is selected for the Icon.
4The Minimum User Class is set to Employee Self Service to allow employees to see the widget on their dashboard.

Add the Messages Widget to ASSP

  1. Open Web Services > Installation and Maintenance > Widget Defaults.

  2. Add a new widget by pressing Insert.

  3. For the Source Code field select Messages. (The fields of the widget will fill in automatically from the selected Source Code.)

  4. Enter the Default Code for the widget.

  5. Select the Insert Option.
    Default - Adds the widget for everyone in ASSP. Employees can remove it, if they'd like.
    Default New - Adds the widget to any employee that hasn't changed their widgets.
    Fixed - Adds the widget for everyone in ASSP. Employees cannot remove it. 

  6. Save and add the new Widget now by pressing OK.

8 15 2018 8 15 59 AM


Now when the employee logs into the ASSP they will be able to view and read their messages from the widget.

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