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Adding a New Clock in Avanti

Once you have received a new clock from Avanti, please complete the following to set up your clock on the Clock Connect.

Before making changes in Avanti, you will need to:

  • Connect the clock to the network

  • Turn on the clock

  • Locate the email from Avanti with the clock information

Additional Information
This is only applicable to SaaS Clients using Clock Connect.

Step 1: Open Clocks on the Avanti Self-Service Portal.

Step 2: Select Add Clock.

Step 3:  Enter the Clock ID and Description. This is for identification purposes only. 

Additional Information
Once Save Changes is selected, Clock Id cannot be changed.

Step 4: Update the Serial Number, Clock Type, and Current Com Key to the information provided by Avanti. 

Step 5: Select the time zone for the location of the clock in Time Zone.

Step 7: Once you have finished making changes, select Save Changes.

Congratulations! You have successfully set up the clock on Clock Connect.

You’re now ready to add employees to the clock.

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