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Your New Web Addresses and Sign In

With your transition to the latest Avanti Self-Service Portal (ASSP), you’ll have a new web address and redesigned ASSP sign-in. If you’re using Career Connector, it has a new web address as well.

You’ll need to update anywhere you’ve included the web address for ASSP and Career Connector, such as:

You can start making these changes immediately. The new web address immediately redirects you to your current site, so everything is in place once you transition. We’ll adjust addresses in your Avanti Workflows on your behalf during the transition.

Interested in learning more about all the changes during this transition? Check out Upcoming Changes.

Your New ASSP Sign In

The redesigned ASSP sign-in features an updated, fully responsive, easy-to-navigate design so your employees can sign in from any device, anytime.


After the transition, your company logo from your current ASSP will populate your new site automatically.

Signing into Avanti Go

Employees can sign in with ease, even on the go. On Avanti Go sign in, employees will be able to:

  • Reset their passwords

  • View additional information you’ve added to the sign-in

  • Create an account


If you already have these set up on ASSP and are using Avanti Go, you’ll see these changes once you transition. Not using Avanti Go yet? Check out the Avanti Go Setup Guide.

Your New Career Connector Web Address

Once you move, you’ll have a new web address for your Career Connector. Once you have your new Avanti ASSP address, you can add /careers to it.

For example, if your new ASSP address will be, your new Career Connector address will be

You’ll want to update your API, training materials, websites and anywhere else with the new address before you move to the new Avanti Self-Service sign in; there are no redirects after the transition for Career Connector.

Everything else on Career Connector remains the same after the transition.

Updating Your Website and Training Materials

We’ll email you your new address for ASSP. Once you’ve got it, you can update your address for ASSP and Career Connector right away; the new web address will redirect you to the current site until you transition. You want to update the links to ASSP and Career Connector on your company’s website, training materials, internal documentation, and anywhere else with a link outside of Avanti.

If you use Career Connector for talent acquisition, review and update the web address everywhere you’ve included a link to the Career Connector. Pay extra attention to these addresses; there are no redirects after the transition for Career Connector.

Once you transition, keep an eye out for anywhere you missed updating the web address; you’ll want to make sure these get adjusted. We’ll support redirects from your previous ASSP for a year, so anyone using an outdated link will go to your new ASSP website.

Things to Keep in Mind While Updating Your ASSP Addresses

If the web address you’re updating points to a specific feature on ASSP, such as payroll reports, you’ll need to check if there’s a URL Override on the web menu. If there is, you’ll need to update this address after you transition. The new page will have a different web address than the one you’re currently using when there’s an override.

Additional Information
This could impact the ASSP addresses on your website, training materials, and bookmarks; it doesn’t impact your API integration.

Browser Bookmarks

After you transition to the new ASSP sign-in, you’ll want to ensure everyone in your organization has updated their bookmarks from the old web address.

To help communication with your workforce before and after the change, check out Communicating Employee Changes.

Update the API Integrations

If your organization is leveraging our API to integrate with other systems, you’ll need to reach out to your API developer or third-party provider to make some changes.

For integrations using the Avanti API, you can make this change anytime after you have your new ASSP web address; you’ll have a year after you switch to the new ASSP to make these updates. To support your integration, we’ll forward all calls from the original location to the new location during this time.

Important Information
If you’re using the Career Connector API as part of your talent acquisition strategy, you’ll need to update the API before
 the switch; after the transition, there’s no redirects from the old web address to your new Career Connector address.

Unsure whether your organization is using Avanti’s API? Check out the FAQ to see if you’re set up to use the API. Unfortunately, there’s no way to check if you use the Career Connector API. You’ll need to confirm with your IT team or third-party developer.

What your API developer needs to change

There is a change to the base URL of the API endpoints. All your API developer needs to do is:

  1. Update the base URL for each API call to an Avanti endpoint.

  2. Test to confirm there are no issues after the changes.

For the Avanti API, the new base URL is your new ASSP web address with an /API suffix. For example, if your new site is, the base URL for API calls is

For the Career Connector API, the new base URL is your new Career Connector web address. Once you have your new Avanti ASSP address, you can add /careers to it.

For example, if your new ASSP address will be, your new Career Connector address will be

Check your Network Restrictions

To ensure employees have continued access to the ASSP, please add the domain * to your allowed list if you restrict access to websites on your network.

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