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Payroll Data Entry: Changing Batch Status

The batch status controls access to the batch data, and only batches which have a status of Complete will be included when processing a pay run.

Batch status

The batch status can be changed between Complete and Incomplete at any time, up until processing a pay run when the status will change to In Process.


Batches which are complete can not be modified and will be included when processing pay runs.


Batches which are incomplete can be modified and will not be included when processing pay runs.

In Process

Batch is being processed with a pay run. (Pay run must be cancelled in order to make changes to a batch with this status).

  1. Update the status of a batch by selecting the batches you wish to change the status of and press Set Status.


    Press S on the keyboard to quickly set the status of selected batches.

  2. Press Yes from the confirmation pop-up to change the batch status to Complete

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