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Employee Name Format on ASSP

Help ensure your employees get called their preferred names by limiting the display names format on ASSP.

Avanti Administrator can update a setting so users can only select the employees’ preferred name for the format instead of allowing them to choose either given name or preferred name.

If you’re an Avanti Administrator, please complete the following steps to restrict the Name Display Formats.

Step 1: Open Administration Settings on the Avanti Self-Service Portal.

Step 2: Search for PreferredNameFormatsOnly.

Step 3: Select Edit.

Step 4: Select Value, then click Save.

Additional Information
If Value is selected, only users can only select to display given name.

Step 5: Select Reload Web Settings.

Additional Information
If you’ve already moved to the latest ASSP
, you won’t see Reload Settings; your changes will take effect within 5 minutes.

Step 6: Log out of ASSP and log back in.

Congratulations, now employees can only select one of the following options on the Preferences tab in Settings:

  • Preferred Name, First Letter of Surname

  • Preferred Name, Initial, Surname

  • Preferred Name, Surname

  • Surname, Preferred Name

  • Surname, Preferred Name, Initial

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