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Add a Report to the System Menu

Adding reports to the system menu lets you quickly run common reports or place reports close to the functions they report on.

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Figure 1. A 'seniority report' that is accessible directly from the system menu.

Reports are added to the system menu by making a duplicate of the Print Reports menu item that only runs a single report.

Some benefits of having reports accessible from the system menu:

  • Reports can be added where you need to see them the most.

  • Save time by having the report accessible where it is needed most.

  • The report can be made available to employees that cannot access Print Reports directly.

  • The report can be restricted to a specific Role Assignment. This limits what data is available when the report is run based on which user runs the report. For example, a report run by a department manager could be setup to only include employees within their department.


  1. Write down the Report Definition of the report.

  2. Create a copy of the Print Reports menu item.

  3. Update the settings to point to the new report.

Only a system administrator should make changes to the system menu.
  1. Note down the Report Definition of the report, we will need this later.

    The Report Definition can be viewed from the report definitions window located at Report Designer > Report Definitions.

    Example 1. Locating the Report Definition

    For example, if we were going to add a menu item for the Seniority Report below we would need to note the Report Definition is HR S0001.

    2 20 2019 8 07 11 AM
  2. Duplicate the Print Reports menu item from the Report Designer menu.

    1. Open the system menu window located at System Administration > System Menu > System Menu.

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    2. Copy the Print Report menu item by right-clicking on it and selecting Copy from the menu.

      2 20 2019 8 25 20 AM
    3. Locate where in the system menu you want the new report menu item to appear.

    4. Paste the Print Report menu item into this location.

    Example 2. Duplicate Print Reports in the Canadian Payroll menu

    For example, if we wanted to add a report to the Canadian Payroll menu within the Employee Profile category we would right-click on the Employee Profile menu item and select Paste from the menu.

    2 20 2019 8 33 57 AM

    A copy of the Print Reports menu item will be placed at the bottom of the Employee Profile category.

  3. Change the settings of the menu item so that it points to the Report Definition that we wrote down earlier.

    1. With the menu item selected, press Modify to open the menu item settings.

    2. Update the Description of the report to correspond to the new report.

    3. Enter the Report Definition into the Option 1 field.

      Users will have access to all available reports unless the Report Definition is entered in the Option 1 field.
    4. Save and close the menu item settings by pressing OK now.

    Example 3. Update the menu item settings

    Following along with our previous example we’ve entered Seniority Report for the menu item description and entered the Report Definition into the Option 1.

    2 20 2019 8 46 46 AM
  4. Press OK on the system menu window to save the changes we’ve made to the system menu.

Finally, check that everything works

If everything is correct you should now see a menu item for the report on the system menu. Opening the menu item will open a print report where the report can be printed.

2 20 2019 8 55 01 AM

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