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Check Out What's New in Avanti 23.10.1

Here are all the latest changes included in Avanti 23.10.1.

Enhanced CPP and QPP

Give yourself an early Christmas present by setting up your eCPP2 and eQPP2 codes early.

You can create the new codes in Avanti to support the Canada Pension Plan enhancements and the Québec Pension Plan enhancements, and we’ll start the deductions once the threshold is met in 2024.

Go to Enhanced CPP and QPP Setup Guide to learn more.

Banking Info Changes

Your employees are kept in the loop when it matters most. Now, employees are only alerted when there are changes to their direct deposit info in your production company:

  • Bank

  • Transit number

  • Account number

Previously, they’d also be alerted when the Payment Option was adjusted, and when changes were made in a test company.

Want to allow employees to confirm their own direct deposit information? Go to Banking Info Overview to learn more about displaying direct deposit information on the New Avanti Experience.

Adding Additional Info to Banking Notifications

Do you want to specify how your employees can confirm their banking information with? You can now add information to the notification and email employees receive when their banking information changes.

Your additional information appears here:

Go to the Banking Info Setup Guide to learn more about adding information to banking notifications. You can tailor these to your French and English employees.

Email When Banking Info Changes

The email employees receive when their direct deposit information changes will now include a disclaimer asking them to refrain from replying to the email as the mailbox is unmonitored.

Available Leave

Upcoming leave request details are now at your employee’s fingertips, providing everything they need to know about their upcoming time off requests. Employees can now click on the leave in the calendar to view their requests impacting their Available Leave, including the date, time, type and approved status.

Leave is approved when:

  • It’s approved in availability.

  • If the entry is in schedules, time cards, or time data, approved displays, regardless of its approval status.

If you’re not using Available Leave yet, take a look at the Available Leave Overview to learn more.

Available Leave Display

Available Leave is now more intuitive for your employees; we’ve updated the design so your employees can easily see their available time.

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