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Email Settings

With Email Settings, you can decide the sensitivity and importance of emails sent from the Avanti Desktop. You can also set whether these can be adjusted when sending emails.

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Are you looking to change the address the emails are sent from? Please contact Client Care with the new email address. Your email address must end in

Step 1: Open Email Settings in the Avanti Desktop.
By default, this can be found in System Administration >> System Parameters.

Step 2: Select the Importance of the emails from High, Medium, and Low.

Step 3: Select the Sensitivity of the emails from Normal, Personal, Private, and Confidential.

Step 4: Select Allow Settings Override to allow the importance and sensitivity to be adjusted when sending emails.

Additional Information
If selected, you can update the Sensitivity and Importance on the Email Server Settings tab when sending an email.

Step 5: Select OK to save your changes.

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