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Employee Punch Types on Clocks

Avanti Administrators can set how the employee punches will populate in Avanti. This ensures your employees’ time cards generate correctly when their punches populate in Avanti.

Important Information
If you’re planning to adjust your punch types to Clock In/Out, please reach out to Client Care; you may need to change some settings in Avanti.

Step 1: Open Clock Connect on the Avanti Self-Service Portal.
By default, this can be found in Administration.

Step 2: Select the clock in Clock ID.

Step 3: Select the Punch Type for the F1.

Additional Information
The Punch Type you select here won’t update the clock display; it only impacts Avanti’s punch type when the employee selects the corresponding option when punching on the clock.

Step 4: Select the Punch Type for F2 through F6 as needed.

Step 5: Select Save Changes.

Congratulations! The verification type on the clock is updated.

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